One of the first categories that Noise Annoys entered is the cannabis space. Noise Annoys is a full service cannabis and marijuana marketing and advertising agency. With decriminalization and legalization moving forward at record speed, cannabis is poised to be the next legal multi-billion dollar industry. As the category comes into fruition, there’s bound to be a lot of noise. Traditional tactics may or may not work, but what’s most important is to be a differentiator. Noise Annoys is here to help break through the noise, noise confusing you as a brand and noise overwhelming your consumers, and turn your product into the next household name.

According to the OC Register, prior to legalization, marijuana in California was roughly a $23 billion dollar industry.* Additionally, 80% of all marijuana in the United States is grown in California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, and Washington.** With the recent legislation, California is poised to be the producer of the next biggest farm crop.

Currently, there’s a 5 year window moratorium on large farm permits. This means there’s 5 years before big marijuana (big tobacco) can move into California. Years 1-5 only allow for small and medium sized farm permits. Big tobacco will likely wait until the 5 year regulation is up and for the federal government to decriminalize. During this time there’s an opportunity - an opportunity to make your brand ‘big marijuana’ before anyone can step in. Noise Annoys can help you with that.

Noise Annoys is looking for a select group of brands in the following verticals to turn into household names:

  • Farm-to-table grower/co-op
  • Food products/CPG
  • New products/innovation
  • B2B tools/platforms
  • Retail
  • Disruptive industries/categories/products