Every agency talks about how they’re different. They’re outside, unconventional, maybe they’re beyond, or a ‘game-changer.’ How can they all be different? Doesn’t that make them all the same?

Sure, Noise Annoys is ‘different’ too. We’re rebellious. We’re defiant. We’re idiosyncratic. But do you know what makes us different? Noise Annoys was born out of disruption. Changes in laws, such as the legalization of cannabis, and technological disruptions have created new industries. Noise Annoys specializes in these emerging industries, new categories, and disruptive technologies.

Noise Annoys is made up of advertising agency veterans who are bored with the established agency culture. We believe in minimal hierarchy, open lines of communication, and a free rebellious spirit where good ideas come from all. With years of advertising experience beneath our belt, we want to do something different and in a different space. Noise Annoys can help these emerging industries by cutting through the clutter and noise and bring fresh and new thinking. We thrive on collaboration, we go out of our way to recruit the best talent in the world, and we strive to break the curse of noise.

Noise Annoys is independently owned and operated and focuses on building brands in new verticals. We’re always looking for new opportunities and good people. Let’s not be boring together, drop us a line.